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Hands at Work: Part 1

(13 April 2009)

Last Sunday on the Laan van Meerdervoort, 'Hands at Work' held its Open House. 'Hands at Work' is a business designed to help you through life’s many ups and downs. This is why I went along. I am not what you call open-minded on this subject, in fact I call it one of the biggest cons of the modern time.

My wife, however is a true believer in the help these alternatives provide and she uses them to calm herself through meditations, life coaching, yoga etc. She always comes back seemingly happy and relaxed, to which she gets the same response week in, week out. As long as you think it is working for you I am happy for you, but the first time I see you hug a tree, we’re divorcing!

So on entering the main area, which resembles a dance studio, light, bright with a mirrored wall I started to meet and greet those who taught the classes and ran the business. I have to say, they made me feel as ease almost instantly. I was then introduced to Geesje Eisinga, my contact. She asked if I had my camera with me. I replied I hadn’t, because I have had shoulder problems for quite sometime. The immediate response to that was, ‘I can help you with that’.

I was offered a massage within five minutes of being in the building. Of course I declined-I wasn’t falling for this rubbish. I went out in to the garden at the rear which was a sort of Buddhist retreat. The amazing thing was, it was so tranquil. There was a sense of well being-I felt it as soon as I got out there. Even all the local birds would fly right up close to you and sing to you, especially one bright red robin. It was lovely.

Now, to start my work. I watched as a young lady was given a seated chair massage. It looked wonderful and relaxing and to be honest, I was dying to have a go on that, just for the way the massage was done. I spoke to the lady after she had finished. She told me she had suffered with MS for years and she found that this treatment was really benefiting her. She was most enthusiastic about it. This was her first visit to 'Hands at Work,' and told me she would be definitely going back again.

I wandered around the rooms as other treatments were being demonstrated to willing volunteers. One was what I can only call damned weird-a guy standing about a woman, waving his hands above her like she was some kind of puppet with invisible strings. I have to admit, it was hard not to laugh out loud at that one. I watched a yoga class, all done in clear Dutch and English. I thought the teacher was very good. Any question given was easy to understand, yet detailed answers on why each individual move of an exercise or pose helped the bodies’ alignment patterns.

My wife disappeared up stairs to a life style course of some description. I didn’t go as it was in Dutch. Then Geesje came to me again, trying to persuade me to have my shoulder looked at. Well, as I had time to waste...I thought it would be a giggle to be on the receiving end of some of this mumbo jumbo stuff, so I can really write what I found out about it. Then I was introduced to Hans Tonino. This was the guy I had seen earlier doing the imaginary puppetry. I almost laughed and said 'forget it,' but, no, why not? I was here to report, so I went along with it.

Hans was doing something called Reconnective Healing. He told to remove my shoes and lie on a table, then he placed a blanket over me to prevent me from being cold. Remember, it was 19 degrees last Sunday, but he said I would need it. Yeah, whatever, mate. He told me to close my eyes and say nothing. I could sense him walking around me, but that was all. I then felt his finger tips lightly pressing on my shoulder, for what was maybe a minute or two. Then nothing, I had no idea of the time line of this, as sort of drifted as I wondered what on earth was going on.

Then it felt as though I was standing next to fridge with the door open as a chill went right through me, enough to make me shiver. Ok, now he had my attention, this was weird, but a nice weird. Then warmth went down my entire arm, and then it became unpleasant. Not painful, but it felt like I have fifty kilos strapped to my bicep and that it was being dragged towards the floor. It made me wince quite a bit. Yet nothing was touching me. I mean it, not a thing was close to me. The treatment lasted I think maybe thirty minutes.

Hans told me to just lie still and he asked me a few questions about my past. Well, I am normally very private and tell nobody anything about my life, past or present. But to him I just blurted out answers out, some of which were extremely personal. It got to me emotionally. He also guessed some of my mental blocks and he was spot on, too! Finally he stated that these blocks I have, are also a cause to my shoulder problems, from which I have suffered from for three years in total. I sat up and felt exhausted. Also I felt as though I was on a high. I can’t describe it any better than that. When I left his puppetry table, I looked back and thanked him, not laughing this time, but I was impressed. I had no idea what he did to me scientifically, but I got a leaflet that said it had something to do with Meridian lines that encircle the Earth and our bodies.

Geesje appeared again and said she wanted me to have a massage from her. So what the hell, I had started, so may as well continue. I had no idea what to expect now. I was quite excited about what sensations I would feel next. Again I had to lie on a bed, remove shoes and glasses. This wasn’t a massage as such, but hands on compared to the last treatment. She sort of placed her finger tips under my shoulder blades and just let me rest on them. Again the arms began to feel strange things. No pain, a bit of discomfort and then something really odd. It felt as though I could feel a slow, tiny, bubbling sensation between my skin and bone. A nice feeling-maybe it was in my imagination, but it was a comforting feeling. She moved her hands up and down my arms, just gentle placing them on certain central points. She also worked on my feet, chest and head. This lasted for maybe twenty minutes. As I sat up I immediately felt dizzy and almost fell back on the bed. It really was amazing. Something definitely does happen, but what happens I could not tell you.

In the past I have received several cortisone injections, had lots of very painful manual therapy and massage and some equally painful beatings from a chiropractor, and I still have not been cured. So this is all very new to me. As I tried to work out what was happening, my wife spoke to Hans Tonino about me. He taught her some tricks on how she could treat me at home too. We’ll see about that one!

I spoke to another lady there who was having difficulties in her working life and that 'Hands at Work' had been recommended to her by a friend. She told me she was unhappy, lost in a downward spiral of frustration during her fifty working hours, but did not know what she wanted to change. She has seen a life coach there on two occasions. She told me she was given some simple things to do at home, making scrap books of the things in life that she loved doing. Now this lady feels she has discovered what she really wants to do in her life, her work heading in a totally new direction. She told me that without those two one on one sessions, she would never have thought of this. She wasn’t pushed or forced into any direction of thinking, but just how to think in a different way. Judging by the broad smile on her face, she was truly happy with things she had learnt.

At the end of the day, there was a prize draw, the winner getting a free massage. That winner was Ms. Michelle Klaver. Normally these open days are very well attended. But with the Rotterdam Marathon taking place and other events in The Hague area, plus a sunny Sunday, Geesje was disappointed by the days' turnout, but happy that those who were new to it all had really enjoyed themselves.

When I left the building and began to walk to the city center, have to admit to you and myself. I felt lifted. As though on an emotional high, a happy high. Everybody in there had contributed to this. The teachers, the students, the people like me who had just gone to see what was what. I do not want to go over the top here, but something in there, what ever it is, does something to you. I was there for three hours only and after those three hours, I was certainly at a happier place in my mind than I had been for quite some time.

Now for the shock of all shocks, I am going to continue seeing Geesje with my shoulder problem and put it to the proper test. In-depth reporting at its deepest. I will give updates as the treatment progresses. As well as the updates, those will come next time in Part 2. I will go more in to the background of 'Hands at Work.'

I'm not sure if I would call myself a believer in all this just yet, but a non-believer? No, there is definitely something in all of this. Otherwise I would never experience all the feelings and emotions that I did. So maybe, if you are wondering in which direction your life should go, or if you have some pains that can’t be moved, or if you just want to try something that little bit different, I suggest you go along and give it a try. I’m so pleased that I did-maybe you will too?

by Neal McClimon



Hey Hans,

Ik wilde je deze foto's sturen; om het licht dat er was in mijn ogen (aan je) te laten zien.

Het zal binnenkort weer terugkomen, dat weet ik nu.

De tweede foto is gemaakt op het strand waar ik gisteravond (virtueel) ook was; op mijn eiland ‘Tiritiri Matangi’.
De (harte) pijn is er nog, maar tegelijkertijd een heel fijn kalm gevoel en vrolijkheid.

Kon meteen weer met X 'connecten' en hier op mijn werk zeiden ze vanochtend:

'Jeetje, heb je lekker geslapen of zo ? Wat zie jij er uitgerust uit! ' Dus heel ok. Bedankt daarvoor !

Groet, Y


SMS - 28-05-08

Hai Hans !

Ik zie dat het goed doet voor mammie, eerst werd ze emotioneel,
daarna werd de pijngrimas minder en vanavond ging de tijd snel !
Dank voor je hulp.

Gr. X & Z



‘Dank je wel voor de prachtige reis en het inzicht,
ik voel me rein …’